Frontier Heavy Haul has a deep rolodex of specialized contractors built from years of building good relationships. We are known in the industry as paying every Friday removing the financial barriers for our partners.  We have our two asset-based operations in Frontier Heavy Haul and Support and Frontier Support Carrier. Frontier Heavy haul brings a variety of trailers from 5 axle double drops to multi axle trailers up to 170,00 pound payload, Bolster Dolly systems, and Transformer Baskets. We recently ordered a dual Liner with 10 lines trailer with payload capability of 300,000 LBS with the ability to expand to larger Payloads. While Frontier Support Carrier has a fleet of trucks with 48’ and 53’ flatbeds with a good understanding of on time performance to meet oilfield expectations.

We have exclusive access to Fabrication capability to build decks and trailers for our customer needs. We specialize in the Oilfield and Service industry, Downhole, Fracking, and clean-ups. We have multiple locations in Scranton, North Dakota, Hillsboro, TX and Fairfield, TX.

We also have our own mechanics, full-service maintenance facility shop, and parts room, conveniently located between Dallas and Houston on Interstate 45.